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MAY-JUN 2013

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overlooked amid a packed schedule. But they are critical. Creativity is what gets the star billing, but it's hard work that brings home the awards. 7. To acheive greatness, we must keep getting better. All the time. Call it continuous growth, a drive for quality, self-improvement—the people who go places, make positive waves and get the world's great work done are always trying to be better. When we do the same thing we were doing last year or five years ago, we fall steadily behind. Because while we're standing still, the rest of the world—whether an organization or an individual—is getting better. People around us are learning, practicing and developing new insights, which means that if we want to achieve at a high level—in anything—we'd better be getting better too. Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 4136 8. Success means getting better problems. Up until about a decade ago, I thought my goal was to create a problem-free life. An effective leader, I assumed, would pretty much be able to get rid of all of an organization's issues. But one day I realized that was both absurd and impossible. There were always going to be problems—the question was which problems I wanted to have. Understanding this simple but natural law of life has had an enormously positive impact on me, and on many others. Rather than fighting problems, this natural law taught me to pursue them. Success, in a sense, is about successfully getting the problems you've sought. Accepting this natural law is hugely freeing. Using this filter, I realized that most of my problems were ones I'd chosen, and frequently had worked hard to create. For instance, at Zingerman's, we wanted to have managing partners (real partners, not just long-time managers) to have strong leadership in the organization. The model Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 4130 MAY/JUNE 2013 45

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