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MAY-JUN 2013

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THE EDUCATED RETAILERS' GUIDE has worked so well that, today, we have 18 of them. The inevitable problem? The partners don't always agree. But when we remind ourselves that these are the problems we've freely chosen and are glad to have, it's easier to take the next step of working through them. 9. Whatever our strengths are, they will likely lead straight into our weaknesses. Understanding that the things I was good at were going to lead me directly to what I wasn't good at was a huge help in reducing my stress. It doesn't mean I don't need or want to work on my weaknesses. It just means I appreciate that what I do well has many upsides as well as downsides, to which it is inextricably linked. In my case, I set high standards for myself and push myself to adhere by them, which is a good thing. Not shockingly, this also means that I often lapse into impatience with others (or myself) when they (or I) don't deliver, which is not so good. The fact that I have a quick mind and can think and speak quickly can be a big plus. But, not surprisingly, sometimes I respond too quickly and talk over others who weren't quite ready to hear my thoughts. Similarly, I'm passionate about what we do and what I believe, which leads, not surprisingly, to a tendency to overreact if others hold different views. While understanding this natural Understanding that, inevitably, the things I was good at were going to lead me directly to what I wasn't good at was a huge help in reducing my stress. Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 967 Wickedly Good Salad—Proof Tat Anyone Can be a Saucy Mama®. Saucy Mama's® not alone in the kitchen. Our fantastic food blogger friends constantly inspire us with innovative—and saucily delicious—recipes. Like this crab salad from Kristy Bernardo at thewickednoodle.com; fantastic favor and low calories prove that anyone can be a Saucy Mama®. Make every Meal Extraordinary! Visit us or call at 800-207-4983 • barhyte.com ® Manufactured with Blue Sky renewable energy. ® Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 1845 MAY/JUNE 2013 47

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