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MAY-JUN 2013

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S PEC I A L M A R K E T PL AC E A DV E RT IS I N G S EC TI O N sp e cialt y f o o d.c o m/w nw h what's new Tea-Infused Ice Cream TEA-RRIFIC! Ice Cream Experience the new ice cream sensation. Our distinctly delicious tea-infused ice cream is crafted using only the finest all-natural ingredients, fresh brewed teas and tisanes and no gums, stabilizers, preservatives or corn syrup. 203.415.2743 tearrificicecream.com Norwalk, CT info@tearrificicecream.com Facebook: Tea-rrific Ice Cream Twitter: @Trrificicecream New Member Booth 4855 what's new Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup what's new Premium Greek EVOO & Raw Honey The Poseidon Group Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sparta (PGI Lakonia). Organic. Low Acidity (≤ .3%). Raw Honeys include: Int'l Gold Medal winner Organic Greek Fir (PDO), Thyme Blossom, Wild Oregano, Sage Blossom, Rare Perennials. Pure, unfiltered, sustainable, never artificially flavored. 646.926.0206 ThePoseidonGroup.net New York, NY info@theposeidongroup.net what's new Parmissimo-Parmigiano Reggiano Parmareggio S.p.A. Bellissimo! Buonissimo. Parmissimo! Italy's No.1 Parmigiano Reggiano company Parmareggio SpA chose Parmissimo as the brand to bring US customers the best and original Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese. The king of cheeses. Parmissimo is "Parm" and "issimo" is the best one. Our payoff is: Finest cheese from Italy. Parmissimo offers a truly innovative range to help consumers discover this great cheese. 201.475.3599 parmissimo.it Fair Lawn, NJ lautorino@vitellifoods.com Facebook: Topolini Parmareggio New Member Booth 2942 what's new natural/organic natural/organic José Andrés Foods Chebe® Little Italy Wedding Soup Chebe Products Frontier Soups All natural. Shelf stable. Lori's Salt Caramel Syrup packs amazing taste and flavor profile in a stunning syrup. Fat-free, no preservatives-great on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, granola or as an ice cream topping. Available in 8-oz bottle, commercial bulk or bottled to your needs. As a chef I believe food always tells a story, and I love to tell the story of my native Spain. That's why I'm so happy to bring these foods from the best Spanish producers to your kitchen. Astonishing olive oil, rich seafood and other amazing tapas. I can't wait to tell you more. The message from our customers is simple: they love that gluten-free Chebe Bread is full of flavor without an aftertaste. Our line of products proves that gluten free can taste great. Give Chebe a try. We think you'll agree that it's delicious by nature. An all-natural soup mix to inspire love in the kitchen. The marriage of Italian flavors and ingredients, Acini de Pepe pasta and whole grains blend for tiny meatballs, give authentic character to this traditional soup. All 19 Hearty Meals varieties will nourish and delight. 541.531.7007 lorismadeleines.com Ashland, OR frenchconnection.marketing@gmail.com Facebook: The French Connection LLC 800.403.7556 JoseAndresFoods.com Washington, DC info@thinkfoodproducts.com Twitter: @JoseAndresFoods 800.253.0550 frontiersoups.com Waukegan, IL info@frontiersoups.com Facebook: Frontier Soups New Member New Member 712.336.4211 chebe.com Spirit Lake, IA. sales@chebe.com Facebook: Chebe Bread Twitter: @Chebe_Bread New Member The French Connection, LLC ThinkFoodProducts Booth 2856 Booth 959 Booth 4120 MAY/JUNE 2013 93

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