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(continued from p. 77) RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT Consumer Behavior Toward Yogurt/Yogurt Drinks, February–March 2012 Base: 1,306 internet users aged 18+ who purchased yogurt/yogurt drinks for self/household in the past month Source: Mintel Certain properties make yogurt appealing to consumers. Nearly two-thirds say they buy yogurt for its calcium and vitamin D content, and 24 percent purchase for digestive health reasons. Manufacturers could add vitamin/calcium fortification and/or probiotics to products that do not have those ingredients to drive sales. Interestingly, Mintel's research revealed that 21 percent of yogurt purchasers view yogurt drinks as more expensive than yogurt. This may help explain why sales have been lagging in recent years. Competitive pricing and messaging that calls attention to ingredients could help to revive the category and drive future sales growth. Attitudes Toward Yogurt/Yogurt Drink Brands, February–March 2012 Base: 1,306 internet users aged 18+ who purchased yogurt/yogurt drinks for self/household in the past month. Source: Mintel While sales of premium-priced yogurts are serving to drive sales growth, 41 percent of yogurt shoppers are quite frugal, often gravitating toward bargain or discount pricing. The survey also showed that more than a third of yogurt buyers are brand loyal and 26 percent typically decide what to buy before they go to the store. Marketers can drive sales with modest discounts and shelf talkers or other in-store signage designed to draw attention to a bargain. Additionally, companies could offer "carton deal" promotions to provide a modest discount on single-serve cups while ensuring those who get a discount purchase several SKUs at a time. New and lesser-known brands will need enticing prices and/or products that are an ideal fit with consumer preferences to win over new customers. RECENT PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS • CiaoBella Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt • CoachFarm Goat Milk Yogurt • Easiyo Yogurt Maker Starter Kit • EatWellEnjoyLife Hummus with Greek Yogurt • Illios Greek Yogurt Butter • eni'sSplendidIceCream Lemon Frozen Yogurt, J Pink Grapefruit Frozen Yogurt • KarounDairies Greek-Style Honey Yogurt, Lite Kefir Cheese Labne • ifewayOrganic ProBugs Kefir L Cultured Milk Smoothie, Lowfat Mango Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothie • Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip • StonemillKitchens Greek Yogurt Dips • StonyfieldOrganic Oikos Super Fruits Organic Greek Yogurt, PHOTO: MARIA SAN ANDRES ATTITUDESTOWARDYOGURT/YOGURTDRINKBRANDS "Thinkingaboutthebrandsofyogurt/yogurtdrinks youbuy,pleasetelluswhichofthefollowingapplytoyou." % I decide the brand of yogurt/yogurt drinks I buy based on an in-store promotion such as buy-one-get-one-free. 41 I am very loyal to the yogurt brand I buy. 36 I decide the brand of yogurt/yogurt drinks I buy based on the coupons either clipped from newspapers/magazines or received in an email or from a brand website. 27 I usually decide the brand of yogurt/yogurt drink I am going to buy before going to the store. 26 I like to visit the social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) of my favorite yogurt/yogurt drink brands to check for coupons, recipes, promotions and other events. 4 I usually visit the website of my favorite brand of yogurt for recipes/serving ideas. 3 None of the above 11 PHOTO: BIGSTOCK CONSUMERBEHAVIORTOWARDYOGURT/YOGURTDRINKS "Thinkingaboutyogurtandyogurtdrinks, pleasetelluswhichofthefollowingapplytoyou." % I buy yogurt for myself and/or my family because it is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. 60 I and/or someone else in my household consume(s) yogurt/yogurt drinks for digestive health reasons. 24 Yogurt drinks are more expensive than yogurt. 21 I use single-serve yogurt or yogurt drinks in my kids' school lunch pack. 14 I or someone else in my household make(s) yogurt drinks from store-bought yogurt at home. 12 I buy frozen yogurt dessert from stores such as Red Mango and Pinkberry at least once a month. 9 I or someone else in my household, instead of buying frozen yogurt, freeze(s) non-frozen yogurt. 7 I or someone else in my household make(s) yogurt at home. 6 I or someone else in my household make(s) gourmet dessert from frozen yogurt bought from the store. 6 None of the above 15 Organic Drinkable Greek Lowfat Yogurt • Wallaby Organic Mango Lime Nonfat Yogurt, Joey Strawberry Yogurt Editor's Note: Specialty Food Magazine is pleased to be working with Mintel on Research Spotlight. Mintel is a leading supplier of competitive media, product and consumer data. A 33-year reputation for delivering dependable and original market information has allowed Mintel to maintain Business Superbrand status in the U.K. Mintel's product line includes: Mintel Reports, a renowned market intelligence report series, publishing more than 600 reports annually covering the U.S. and Europe; and Mintel's GNPD, the Global New Products Database, which monitors worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets. For more information call 312.943.5250 or visit www.mintel.com. Specialty Food Association members may purchase Mintel's "Yogurt and Yogurt Drinks" report at a 10 percent discount. Denise Shoukas is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. MAY/JUNE 2013 97

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