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Savory topping made from Modesto almonds, sundried tomato shavings, and fl akes of sweet pepper. Versatile and zesty. Recommended for salads and cheese plates, especially ones including mozzarella and burrata. Catalog #80020MILL RITROVO ® ITALIAN REGIONAL FOODS, LLC (20 6) 9 8 5 -1635 • r itrovo.c om FOR RECIPES, VISIT W W W.RITROVO.COM/BLOG/ S AVOR Y A L MOND TOPPI NG new from sales@stickyfi ngersbakeries.com • www.stickyfi ngersbakeries.com • 1.800.458.5826 Our Scones are in Full Bloom Just add water for a Spring treat. ItÕs hard to choose just one Ð grab a bunch! are masters of harvesting, pickling, and preserving, and banchan is the artful presentation of those time-honored traditions. Kimchi, the pungent fermented slaw that's practically the national dish of Korea, is a type of banchan, though so beloved that it's often identi- fied separately from the main spread. Bibimbap. The pinnacle of Korean comfort food—and an ideal entry point for exploring this nation's cuisine—is bibimbap. The word translates to "mixed rice," as this dish consists of boiled rice topped with mounds of prepared vegetables such as carrots, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. It may be eaten cold or hot, though it is commonly served hot at restaurants in a dolsot, a heated earthenware bowl, with a sunny-side egg or sliced meats topping the dish along with gochujang. Korean Barbecue. South Korea's stronger economy and Western influence is seen in its food, where beef has become the preferred meat in the form of charred bulgogi (rib eye or sirloin) or galbi. Classic Korean barbecue restaurants grill the meats tableside alongside ssam (vegetable leaves) for wrapping. "What makes it Korean is a thin cut of meat that's been mari- nated, then grilled or pan-fried," says Korean Delights' Chung. She compares it to Texas barbecue in regard to the myriad sauce varia- tions and subtleties. "Each restaurant has its own take on the sauce," she says. We Rub You bottled sauces can be used as a cooking sauce or barbecue marinade. Though it's a classic recipe, Chung encourages her customers to think outside of the Korean barbecue box when cooking at home. "You don't necessarily have to wrap the meat in lettuce," she notes.—A.K. Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 177 Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 4115 INSPIRATION FROM THE HOMELAND Delivering traditional flavors to the Western consumer is made easy through these retail-ready products. • American Halal Co. Saffron Road Korean frozen meals and tacos including beef bulgogi, bibimbop with beef, bibimbop with tofu, gochujang chicken, Korean-style chicken and tofu tacos • Ashman Manufacturing Co. KimKim Korean Hot Sauce • Korean Delights We Rub You Korean Barbecue Marinades • Mama O's Premium Kimchi, Kimchi Paste, Kimchi Kit • Mother in Law's Kimchi Gochujang Paste and Sauces, Korean Chile Pepper Flakes SPRING 2014 65 cuisineSpotlight_korea.indd 65 3/18/14 3:44 PM

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