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Everyone needs this ENTERTAINING QUARTET Essential for parties and GREAT for every day Remember the Rubschlager Cocktail Breads! RYE | PUMPERNICKEL | WHOLE GRAIN | SOURDOUGH Quality Bakers Since 1913 BAKING CORPORATION 3220 West Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60651 773/826-1245 www.RubschlagerBaking.com Celebrating 100 Years SETH GREENBERG'S AUTHENTIC NEW YORK BROWNIE CRUNCH 212.878.6677 sales@browniecrunch.com Only Seth Greenberg uses the fnest ingredients: Whole eggs, creamery butter, and pure cane sugar. Vanilla from a company that owns its vanilla bean orchards. T Crunch from local ingredients, and cocoa selected for flavor and color. The result is a delicious, crunchy, chocolaty all-natural snack, that's just 120 calories per 1-oz. serving! KOF-K D A I RY ALL NATURAL MADE IN USA SETH GREENBERG'S AUTHENTIC NEW YORK BROWNIE CRUNCH 275 Madison Ave, Suite 627, NY NY 10016 212.878.6677 www.browniecrunch.com Southwest Crunch: Jalapeño, Chile Pepper, Chipotle New York Crunch: Orange, Toffee, Chocolate Chip, Mint, Cinnamon Cappuccino There's no comparison. Read My Label! Goldfarb sings the praises of Big Tree Farms' coconut palm sugar, saying it "has proven to be the ultimate addition to our pastry arsenal. The unique f lavor and texture of the caramelized coconut palm sap makes every pastry recipe here at Mejekawi that much more authentic and tasty," he explains. The chef also commends Big Tree Farms' cold-pressed cocoa butter for use in emulsions, saying, "Nature provides no greater lubricant." Big Tree Farms, operated by Ben and Blair Ripple, connects a supply chain of individual farmers and community farming groups. The business works with 6,000 organic coconut farmers and nearly 3,000 cacao farmers. Altogether, more than 15,000 previously mar- ginalized farmers are participating in Big Tree Farms' ambitious, direct-trade initiative. Indonesian Food in the U.S. Laura O'Neill, a co-founder of Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, is a huge fan of Indonesian cuisine. So much so that she and husband Ben Van Leeuwen opened an Indonesian restaurant, Selamat Pagi, in Brooklyn in 2012. O'Neill is from Australia, Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 4259 Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 1966 KOPI LUWAK, INDONESIA'S UNUSUAL COFFEE BEANS K opi luwak is a form of coffee bean processing based on gathering the droppings of civets, cat-like mammals native to Indonesia, and is one of the priciest in the world, costing upwards of $300 a pound. Civets, unable to digest the beans of the coffee berries that they enjoy snacking on, impart musky flavor via stomach acids and enzymatic action before excreting them. Exercise caution before buying a bag: once an exotic treat on food adventurers' bucket lists, kopi luwak has faced increasing criticism. Animal welfare organization PETA charges that factory farming operations have gotten in on the act by caging wild civets and force-feeding them coffee berries. Plus, plenty of fakers have entered the market, so order wisely. SPRING 2014 69 cuisineSpotlight_indonesia.indd 69 3/11/14 3:25 PM

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