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8012 Hankins Industrial Pa rk To ano, VA 23168 800-831-18 28 • wholesale@Th ePe anutShop.com Ask about our FREE FREIGHT program! Wi nter Fancy Fo od Sh ow - Booth 988 Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 988 Winter Fancy Food Show Booth 3409 Chukar Cherries Owl Orchards Pickled & Spicy Asparagus. Washington is famed for its cherries. Lesser known are the state's many aspar- agus farms. Chukar Cherries hand-cuts asparagus and pickles it in a brine of water, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices, garlic, and crushed red chiles. The result is slight- ly spicy spears ideal for appetizers or cock- tail swizzle sticks. Hand-packed into clear 12-ounce jars, this product was previously available only in gift packs. The company website offers recipe ideas and serving sug- gestions, including a bloody mary with an asparagus garnish and prosciutto-wrapped pickled asparagus. chukar.com FoodMatch Divina Pickled Chipotle Carrot Sticks, Hot Crunchy Okra, Pickled Asparagus, and Pickled Spicy Snap Peas. Four new Divina pickled products have made their debut, featuring produce cultivated by family growers in the U.S. Pickled Chipotle Carrot Sticks, ideal for garnishing cocktails or serv- ing with dips, are brined in a bath of vinegar, salt, sugar, chipotle peppers, and turmeric extract. Hot Crunchy Okra uses whole okra, ideal on a Cuban sandwich. The company's Pickled Asparagus can be added to cold pasta salads or used as a garnish for quiches or a bloody mary. Pickled Spicy Snap Peas, which add heat with crushed red pepper, can bolster stir-fries or other Asian dishes. foodmatch.com Genuine Grub Spicy Pickled Cabbage, Radish, and 'Cukes. Launched just over a year ago, this small company turns out creative adaptations of kimchi. The new 16-ounce jars of pickled cabbage, radish, and cucumbers contain no seafood, sugar, additives, preservatives, brines, or vinegars. Instead, products are naturally fermented and probiotic. A base of apple, hot pepper powder, green onion, garlic, and sea salt kick off each recipe: Spicy Pickled Cabbage combines Napa cabbage with apple, radish, and onion, plus ginger; Spicy Pickled Radish mingles with apple and ginger; and the brand-new Spicy Pickled 'Cukes derive sweetness from the addition of apple. genuinegrub.com WINTER 2015 81

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