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OCT 2012

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buyers' picks GETTING SAUCY Classic tomato-based pasta sauces from near and far, as well as nontraditional pestos, have retailers talking. Bob Sickles and Cheri Scolari, Sickles Market, Little Silver, NJ Classic sauces made with biodynamic tomatoes, innovative award- winning flavors and local fresh favorites are some of our picks. These sauces include: t %BWF T (PVSNFU .BTBMB .BSJOBSB t (JBNBOP T -JWPSOFTF 4BVDF t -F -BNF #JPEZOBNJD 5PNBUP 4BVDF X .JDIBFM T PG #SPPLMZO 'SFTI 5PNBUP BOE #BTJM 4BVDF T 3JUSPWP 1VUUBOFTDB 4VHP BM 1PNPEPSP CZ 3BEJDJ BY NICOLE POTENZA DENIS Andrew Villagrana, New Seasons Market, Happy Valley, OR Tomato-based sauces like marinara and vodka sell the best. Organic is also a key purchase factor, as well as what is on sale. Favorites are: X Lucini Rustic Tomato Vodka Sauce Amelia Rappaport, Woodstock Farmers' Market, Woodstock, VT Traditional family recipes, sauces made by rockers, rich puttanesca and full- flavored pestos made with basil or arugula are our favorites. Our picks: T 0PNB 5FTPSP T .BSJOBSB t .BSLZ 3BNPOF T #SPPLMZO T 0XO 4BVDF X 3JUSPWP 1VUUBOFTDB 4VHP BM 1PNPEPSP CZ 3BEJDJ T 4FHHJBOP 3BX #BTJM 1FTUP (FOPWFTF t 7FSNPOU 'SFTI 1BTUB "SVHVMB $BTIFX 1FTUP t .VJS (MFO 0SHBOJD *UBMJBO )FSC 4BVDF S /BUVSBM %JSFDUJPOT 0SHBOJD 3PBTUFE (BSMJD 4BVDF t /FXNBO T 0XO 0SHBOJD 5PNBUP #BTJM 4BVDF t 8BMOVU "DSFT 0SHBOJD 5PNBUP #BTJM 4BVDF Catharine Jensen, Gateway Market, Des Moines, IA Organic ingredients and taste play into purchase more so than price. Customers like: X %BWF T (PVSNFU #VUUFSOVU 4RVBTI 4BVDF t .BSJP #BUBMJ $IFSSZ 5PNBUP 4BVDF T .VJS (MFO 0SHBOJD 5PNBUP #BTJM 4BVDF t 4UPOFXBMM ,JUDIFO 5SBEJUJPOBM .BSJOBSB W 7JOP EF .JMP TBVDFT Chris Ray, Mariano's Fresh Market, Chicago, IL Personal preference and staff or customer recommendations drive pasta sauce sales. Our top sellers: t $MBTTJDP .BSJOBSB t $MBTTJDP 5SBEJUJPOBM #BTJM 1FTUP 4BVDF t $POUBEJOB #BTJM 1FTUP t /FXNBO T 0XO 0SHBOJD 5PNBUP #BTJM 4BVDF t 3PVOEZ T 1SJNBWFSB 4BVDF Nicole Potenza Denis is a contributing editor to Specialty Food Magazine. MORE PICKS: SWEET TOPPINGS NOT JUST FOR DESSERT, P. 22 8 ❘ SPECIALTY FOOD MAGAZINE ❘ specialtyfood.com PHOTOS (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP): NATURAL DIRECTIONS; LUCINI; DAVE'S GOURMET; SEGGIANO; OOMA TESORO'S; MUIR GLEN ORGANIC; VINO DE MILO; RITROVO; MICHAEL'S OF BROOKLYN

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