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OCT 2012

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BLK Water. We take it as a given that water is clear, but BLK Water is jet black—due to the presence of fulvic trace minerals where this water is sourced. Extracted from organic matter, the minerals, which turn the water black (there are no dyes or colorings in this product), are believed to help the body absorb nutrients. Free of sugar and calories, the alkaline- and electrolyte-rich water smells and tastes just like clean spring water. Packaged in a clear bottle that shows off its distinguishing feature, this product is sleek, modern and delightfully unique. blkbeverages.com Hint Fizz. Discovering that many consumers prefer sparkling water to still, Hint has added lightly carbonated, unsweetened water to its product offerings. Its new Fizz fla- vored sparkling waters, or unsweetened sodas, have joined its line of unsweetened still flavored or essence waters. The bubbly drinks, which contain only carbonated water and natural flavors, are available in Blackberry, Watermelon, Strawberry-Kiwi and Peach. With plenty of flavor and bubbles, the Fizz line may have a shot at converting soda drinkers. drinkhint.com Lifeway Foods Lowfat Coconut Chia Kefir. With its new Lowfat Coconut Chia Kefir, Lifeway has combined flavor and nutrition. The creamy, 99 percent lactose-free drink stars chia seeds, a newly popular (albeit ancient) superfood that's loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, plus dietary fiber and antioxidants. That's on top of kefir, a fermented or cultured milk drink that contains probiotic cultures. Evaporated cane juice and coconut flavor make the gluten-free beverage taste indulgent, like a tropical escape. Lifeway's lowfat kefirs come in a variety of flavors, includung Mango, Madagascar Vanilla and Cappuccino. lifewaykefir.com Oogavé Agave Soda. These agave nectar–sweetened sodas were created to serve at a natural-foods restaurant and took off in a big way, signaling that they were ripe for large-scale consumption. Today, the company makes eight certified- organic varieties of what it calls "the original agave soda," including the newest flavor, Strawberry Rhubarb. All consist of purified, carbonated water and organic agave nectar (along with citric acid, natural flavors and vegetable juice for color) and contain a modest 100 calories. oogave.com OCTOBER 2012 51 0[»Z /LHS[O` 0[»Z :VJPHSS` *VUZJPV\Z 0[»Z >OH[ *VUZ\TLYZ >HU[ • 9;+ *VMMLL PZ H L_WLJ[LK [V NYV^ :V\YJL! ,\YVTVUP[VY IPSSPVU JH[LNVY` HUK PU • -\UJ[PVUHS 9;+ IL]LYHNLZ HYL NYV^PUN PU WVW\SHYP[` ^P[O HU LZ[PTH[LK HUU\HS ) PU <: YL[HPS ZHSLZ HUK L_WLJ[LK NYV^[O VM [OYV\NO :V\YJL! 4PU[LS • )LHU )VK` ;YHKL *LY[PÄLK VYNHUPJ ZOHKL NYV^U ILHUZ ZOHKL NYV^U ILHUZ WLY Va JHU • (]HPSHISL PU HSS UH[\YHS ÅH]VYZ WHJRLK ^P[O WV^LYM\S HU[PV_PKHU[Z [V IVVZ[ [OL PTT\UL Z`Z[LT HUK OLSW WYV[LJ[ [OL IVK` MYVT MYLL YHKPJHSZ 3LHYU TVYL H[ ILHUHUKIVK` JVT *VMMLL PZ IYL^LK \ZPUN -HPY ZX M[ VM YHPUMVYLZ[ PZ ZH]LK \ZPUN /,(3;/@ • *65:*06<: • *6--,,

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