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Spring 2018

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Family Owned in America's Heartland since1986 www.frontiersoups.com Family Owned in America's Heartland since1986 Family Owned in America's Heartland since1986 7 natural ingredient s 0 artificial anything 1 hour to prepare 1 satisfying meal! HEARTY MEALS ™ SOUP MIXES ™ Examples: • Miracle Tea Moringa Superfood Energy Infusion Tea • Stash Tea Organic Moringa Mint herbal tea Black Rice An emerging trend at the show, black rice is being used as an ingredient in solid and liquid form. The pigments that give the rice its color are anthocyanins, the same compounds found in blueberries, grapes, and other purple- and blue-hued foods, and are rich in antioxidants and other health benefits. Examples: • Suzie's Table Black Rice non-dairy beverage • Theo's Black Rice Quinoa Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar Snack Puffs Similar to cheese puffs in form, puffed vegetable- and nut-based snacks were on display at the show. Examples: • Puffworks Peanut Butter Puffs, inspired by a peanut puff from Israel called Bamba. • Suzie's 2 Pease and a Bean pea-protein–based snack puffs. • Vegan Rob's Brussels Sprout Puffs, Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs, and Beet Puffs Deeper Middle Eastern Flavors The Trendspotters predicted that in the coming year consumers would explore more deeply the regionally specific fla- vors and ingredients of the Middle East. Prominent flavors and ingredients broad- ened to include Central and South Asia, and North Africa. Examples: • Casablanca Market Moroccan harissa, preserved lemons, and purple olives, made from indigenous ingredients by a women- owned company that bases its production in Morocco and employs local women. • FoodMatch Marinated Artichokes with Harissa, a hot sauce or paste that origi- nated in Tunisia. • Rumi Spice Afghan Curry Braise cook- ing sauce made with sustainably farmed saffron from Afghanistan. • Snackgold cHarissa Gourmet Potato Crisps are a partnership with Spanish gourmet potato chip makers and cHarissa spice company. EMERGING TRENDS Collagen-Infused Foods As Baby Boomers and Gen Xers age, foods that promote beauty as well as health are coming more into vogue. Collagen first appeared as an added ingredient to snack bars and now is showing up in beverages. Examples: • HealthVerve BBGLO Skin Rejuv- enation Collagen Drink containing 5000 milligrams of bioactive collagen peptides. • SkinTe sparkling tea beverage with colla- gen, a product under development by stu- dents at Oregon's University of Portland, displayed in the Taste Tomorrow area of product innovation. Moringa Moringa, a plant native to India, is being touted as a new superfood due to its report- ed high antioxidant properties, iron, and other nutrients. (continued on p. 87) Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 5835 SPRING 2018 53

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