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No Yes FOOD HALL Crackers Curry FOOD ORDER 3 ITEM 1 QTY PRICE $ 1 ITEM 2 $ 4 ITEM 3 $ 1 ITEM 4 TOTAL $ BUY 9 Protein 20g energy bar BERRY Green Planet Co. WHAT THEY BUY COMPARED TO OTHER GENERATIONS Most likely to purchase plant-based meat alternatives. LUNCH Beet BURGER VEGAN WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM? Nutritional and ingredient information; quality ingredi- ents. Like to shop where they agree with the company values or philosophy. BUYING LIKELIHOOD Most likely to have bought specialty food but across fewer categories. Smallest share of dollars spent on specialty. They are testing the waters at this point. PREFER RESTAURANTS THAT do a good job of describing ingredients: where they come from, what makes them special, sourcing. ONLINE PURCHASING Far more likely than others to buy specialty foods online and across more categories. Enjoy the convenience. Most likely to order groceries online for pick up or delivery. COOKING HABITS Make meals from quick options like kits, jarred sauce. PRODUCT CLAIMS Most concerned about fair trade, care less about GMOs than previous generations. FOOD TREND INTEREST Foods free of common allergens, seasonal products, high protein, RTD functional beverages like kombucha, probiotics. MOBILE USE Scan products and compare prices; find store coupons or restaurant discounts; order from food delivery services. Will pay attention to an ad on mobile phone or tablet more than on TV or in print. HOW THEY PREFER TO BUY Broadest variety of markets used; shop 2 to 3 times per week; prefer mass merchandisers but will shop just about anywhere. COOKING VS. EATING OUT Comparable spend on groceries and restaurant food. Favor convenience and ease (quick meals and ingredient delivery). They are foodservice fiends. KOMBUCHA GREEN TEA KEFIR 18-23 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 AGE iGENERATION & SPECIALTY FOOD FREE SIDE FOOD HALL SPECIALTY FOOD CONSUMERS—BY GENERATION WHY THEY BUY To support small companies; authentic ethnic flavors; for snacking. Iowa Chops Menu Coffee Infused Cake LIKELIHOOD BELOW AVERAGE SHARE OF DOLLARS Food Mart Ann's Fresh Foods TO On the next several pages, we segment preferences by generation—one of the best ways to see what is important now and what will be in both identifying and marketing to SFCs. This generational data will help the supply chain remain proactive and responsive on everything from marketing to merchandising decisions. S6 STATE OF THE SPECIALTY FOOD INDUSTRY 2018

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